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mayo 29, 2012


Pepin-Castrelo do Val (Ourense)

Translation: Isabel Cota

By: Javier Rodríguez.

Written by: Maite Jiménez.

      This rural tourism house is in Pepín, belonging to the municipality of Castrelo do val.

    After leaving Verín, and following the local road (OU-113) in the direction of Laza, 5 kilometres away, we must then take the first turning on the right and drive along 2 kilometres to reach Pepín.

   GPS coordenates: 42º 0’ 26.24’’ N, 7º 24’ 59.27’’ W.

   A Cortiña is made up of a cluster of restored houses, which on this account keep their original appearance, showing the outstanding contrast between chesnut-coloured rock and local granite that makes facades srikingly eye-catching.            MORE

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